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Release Notes: The software can now be implemented in Active Directory structures. Users can generate and administer new user accounts and groups directly from within the groupware. The Open Source groupware can now work as server for ownCloud clients. This version supports the CardDAV eM client. In addition, new tasks can be generated and administered via CalDAV. Attachments can be added to all kinds of data inside the groupware.

Release Notes: This release fixed missing commas in ActiveSync emails and calendar events, printing in Internet Explorer, a minor security issue in the vcardphp library, and some other minor issues.

Release Notes: Besides multiple minor bugs, two major problems were fixed. The first problem was a loop in the ActiveSync email implementation. The other major problem was that you were unable to store vacaction messages on a Cyrus Sieve server.

Release Notes: Multiple minor problems were fixed in the calendar and email application. The stability of the synchronisation was improved. Tine 2.0 is now fully functional with Internet Explorer 9 too.

Release Notes: This is the next major stable release of Tine 2.0. Printing lists across all modules as well as calendar week and month views. Support for automatic email filtering and vacation email via sieve. Improved Dovecot and LDAP integration. Overall increased performance.

Release Notes: All major bugs found in the last beta release have been fixed. For example, the sieve filter dialogue is now fully functional. Synchronization of birthdays is now working on WebOS devices correctly. Multiple minor problems have been fixed in the email client.

Release Notes: This release contains layout improvements for Google Chrome and Firefox 3.6. Devices other than the iPhone now synchronize only personal folders and not all folders readable. The calendar now shows a warning for blocking events.


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A Qt-based multimedia player.


Project Spotlight


Undo any command.