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Release Notes: All known bugs were fixed. This is the last release before the next major stable release.

Release Notes: This release contains many minor bugfixes and performance improvements.

Release Notes: The speed of the email application was improved. Reading HTML email messages on the iPhone and forwarding mail messages on Android based mobile phones are working now. A Catalan translation was added and the Polish translation was updated.

Release Notes: Multiple minor issues were resolved.

Release Notes: This release contains layout improvements for Google Chrome and Firefox 3.6. Devices other than the iPhone now synchronize only personal folders and not all folders readable. The calendar now shows a warning for blocking events.

Release Notes: This release fixes multiple minor bugs in the Calendar and CRM module.


Project Spotlight

TurnKey Django Appliance

A Django appliance that is easy to use and lightweight.


Project Spotlight


A modern C++ FIX framework featuring complete schema customisation, high performance, and fast development.