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Release Notes: A problem where the email client was showing too many messages was fixed along with compatibility problems with some Sieve servers. The calendar app no longer misses events from the next month in month view. OpenStreetMap integration is working again after changes to the URL scheme of the Nominatim service.

Release Notes: This is the next major stable release of Tine 2.0. Printing lists across all modules as well as calendar week and month views. Support for automatic email filtering and vacation email via sieve. Improved Dovecot and LDAP integration. Overall increased performance.

Release Notes: All major bugs found in the last beta release have been fixed. For example, the sieve filter dialogue is now fully functional. Synchronization of birthdays is now working on WebOS devices correctly. Multiple minor problems have been fixed in the email client.

Release Notes: This release has the final version of the new look, with a tabbed interface and larger toolbar icons. All applications use a new search interface, which allows users to store individual search queries. The ActiveSync interface now supports Android-based phones from Motorola and HTC. The CRM application supports exporting of data in Excel file format. LDAP-based installations will benefit from the reworked LDAP backend classes. In the calendar you can now select multiple calendars again. Overall speed was improved.

Release Notes: This release contains layout improvements for Google Chrome and Firefox 3.6. Devices other than the iPhone now synchronize only personal folders and not all folders readable. The calendar now shows a warning for blocking events.

Release Notes: This release fixes multiple minor bugs in the Calendar and CRM module.

Release Notes: The points of focus for this version are the extension of the reporting and analysis functions in the CRM module and improved calendar functions. Moreover, Tine 2.0 now can operate as an OpenID provider. Over 150 new features and improvements were added.


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