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Release Notes: This release adds support for user-defined screen layout at selection, group, and thread levels, and can handle large (>2^31) article numbers. Be aware that the TLD checking feature is now disabled by default.

  •  25 Dec 2011 20:44

Release Notes: This release fixed a crash in the scope menu and a misleading error message for attributes with the now scope. It fixes a crash with ncurses6. It updates the Estonian and French translations.

Release Notes: Several display problems (mainly color related) when not using the curses interface were fixed. New ccTLDs and IDN ccTLDs were added to the list of valid TLDs. Command line switches were added for forcing IPv4 or IPv6 connections.

  •  01 Feb 2007 07:08

Release Notes: VPATH and 64-bit build problems were fixed. The Estonian translation was updated.

  •  25 Apr 2006 09:06

Release Notes: A few possible buffer overflows were fixed.

  •  15 Feb 2006 17:45

Release Notes: Fixes build problems on Mac OS X. Fixes some (potential) buffer overflows.

Release Notes: This is a new major release with some new features and bugfixes in areas such as i18n and wide-char support.

  •  21 Sep 2003 07:06

Release Notes: A possible buffer overrun in escape_shell_meta() was fixed. mailcap command expansion didn't take shell meta characters into account.

  •  10 Aug 2003 07:55

No changes have been submitted for this release.

Release Notes: This is the new stable release tree. The new pager displays MIME articles, can now scroll per line instead of only per page, and launches URLs via a key stroke. Character set conversion is supported for sending and displaying articles in a different charset than the terminal tin runs on, including UTF-8. Keys can be remapped as needed. It also has internationalization support. Several bugs were fixed.


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