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09 May 2000 21:19 bluedragon

has anyone gotten this to work well with a black background?
i changed every background option in the example tikpre file to black, and every foreground one to lightcyan, even added ones that there were backgrounds but not foregrounds for. also changed the ones in the tikrc file
but the normal im text in the view window is still black on a black background in the text box

19 Mar 2000 18:33 all4tish

Re: wow!
daspek and i decided it'd be cool to put up a cvs (hosted at ( and a webpage for it and its centralized development

some people e-mailed him (who actually registered the page) saying they'd made some personal/private versions. we grabbed them, and blended them together as well as we can

and that's the story

19 Mar 2000 13:36 joshewah

where did this release come from? I thought they had abandoned Tik! Who took the initiative to bring it back?

18 Sep 1999 22:11 zip

unknown socket error
i get this messahe when i try to connect with tac, tik, and gaim doesnt work, does anyone else experience this or know how to fix it?

POSIX ECONNREFUSED {connection refused}
bash: POSIX: command not found
couldn't open socket: connection refused
while executing
"socket $host $port"
Unknown Socket Error! This is NOT a bug with TiK!
while executing
"error "Unknown Socket Error! This is NOT a bug with TiK!""
bash: !"": event not found
(procedure "sflap::connect" line 32)
invoked from within
"sflap::connect [normalize $connName] $tochost $tocport [normalize $sn] $proxy"
(procedure "toc_open" line 5)
invoked from within
"toc_open $::NSCREENNAME 5190 5190 $::NSCREENNAME $::PASSWORD english $::REVISION"
(procedure "tac_connect" line 22)
invoked from within
(file "./tac.tcl" line 650)

31 Jul 1999 14:58 mkb

I have set up a small TiK page

Since AOL's TiK page is down, I decided to set up a small TiK page with a mirror of the latest version of TiK and some links. It is at: (

Enjoy and feel free to send me comments.

23 Jul 1999 15:07 AHinMaine

Re: AOL Kills TiK
Geez, another pissing match between aol and ms, who'd'a thought??

GAIM still works I notice, so whatever aol tweaked to prevent ms from being able to talk to aim people didn't affect that.

23 Jul 1999 14:27 benmatasar

AOL Kills TiK

AOL has taken down the TiK website on 7/23/99. This is probably in connection with the events surrounding the MSN Messenger (

For those who don't know, here (,4,39649,00.html? is some information regarding MSN Messenger.


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