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This is a simple command-line utilitiy to convert images from TIFF to PNG format. It is primarily useful in dealing with TIFF images that contain alpha channels (transparency information), since the NetPBM suite is (currently) ill-suited for such conversions. A few test images are included.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  16 Sep 2002 05:38

    Release Notes: This release fixes virtually all remaining 16-bit-per-sample bugs (verified) for both big and little endian TIFFs. It also corrects a scaling problem with sub-8-bit images.

    •  03 Jul 2002 01:32

      Release Notes: Support for tiled TIFFs (contiguous only), auto-detection of 8-bit color data in 16-bit TIFF palettes, wildcards under emx+gcc, removal of some C++ comments, and checking the results of malloc() a bit more carefully.

      •  01 Feb 2000 03:51

        Release Notes: Now features multifile support, allowing you to convert many of TIFFs to PNGs with a simple "tiff2png *.tiff *.png", much like gif2png. (Note that this breaks command-line backward compatibility.) There is also a -destdir option to put the converted files somewhere other than the current directory and a new -compression option to set the specific zlib compression level (from fastest to smallest). Memory and resource management and the makefile have been improved, too. Tested with libtiff 3.5.4, libpng 1.0.5, and zlib 1.1.3.

        •  19 Sep 1999 00:33

          Release Notes: Version 0.7 has a modernized libpng interface, a more robust error-handler, support for PNG's pHYs chunk (aspect ratio and resolution info), and optional support for halving the horizontal resolution of fax images (-faxpect option, enabled if FAXPECT defined).


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