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Version 0.10.03 of TickVue

Release Notes: This is the first public release.

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    •  30 Oct 2010 21:57

      Release Notes: TickVue now shows the following information inside tooltips: last update date and time, absolute ticker change, and volume. Daily and 5-day charts are automatically updated every 2 minutes. A residual error in the gain indication at the status bar was fixed.

      •  02 Oct 2010 21:23

        Release Notes: The symbol context menu has been implemented.

        •  06 Sep 2010 21:10

          Release Notes: New icons. Configuration is saved as soon as it changes, so it is not lost in case of unexpected program termination. The system tray icon context menu now has a "Restore" option. Symbol selection now shows the selected items in blue. TickVue shows its main window after start if there is no configuration. The status bar and system tray tooltip do not indicate timeout when no ticker has been configured.

          •  29 Aug 2010 09:50

            Release Notes: This is the first public release.


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