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Thundaural Jukebox

Thundaural Jukebox is a jukebox server and client designed for use with touchscreen. It is an ideal replacement for a stationary stereo system in a common area (lounge, pool room, bar, etc.). The interface to the server is generic enough to support different kinds of clients, the included client, written for a touchscreen, is just one possibility.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  19 Mar 2005 07:25

    Release Notes: The client now sports an alphabet seek-bar, allowing easy and quick navigation among the album list. Minor bugs in the server and support programs related to file name handling were fixed. The defaults for ripping speed and jitter were lowered to increase ripping reliability.

    •  22 Nov 2004 05:23

      Release Notes: The client code is much more modular and supports easily integrating new themes. The entire directory structure has been cleaned up, and additional maintenance scripts (for updating cover art and checking database integrity) are now included with the regular distribution.

      •  27 Oct 2004 10:29

        Release Notes: Ripping was sped up significantly with the audio being encoded in the background. A script for extracting the metadata from and populating the jukebox with pre-ripped or purchased audio files was included. A command line utility for manlipulating cover art images is now also available. Changes were made to the database interface to make it work with SQLite3 (DBD::SQLite 1.0x).

        •  11 Jun 2004 15:16

          Release Notes: The server code is now better organized. More audio formats are supported. There is greater dependency on Perl modules than on external programs (e.g., commandline programs for playback such as ogg123 are no longer required). The server now has better handling of commandline options and supports a global configuration file. Ripped tracks now include additional metadata.

          •  28 Mar 2004 05:47

            Release Notes: Ripping functionality is now modular and can be easily extended to query additional sources for album information; module interfaces with MusicBrainz and FreeDB are included. Restrictions that required the client to run on same machine as server for full functionality were removed. This version also includes docs and scripts for setting up automatic startup for a kiosk mode. There are many other bugfixes and changes.


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