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ThumbNails is an automated system for creating and maintaining web sites containing large numbers of digital photographs or other images. It will go through a group of directories filled with pictures, make thumbnail images of each picture, make HTML pages for each directory showing clickable thumbnails for each picture, and make an overall index.html document for the HTML pages it creates. It can use a MySQL database to hold picture titles, captions, and other information. The database information can be edited over the web, and can be displayed along with the pictures. It includes a daemon which periodically checks the pictures directories and database (if used), updating the web site automatically as needed.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  31 Jul 2002 17:08

    Release Notes: A new ability to display the photographer's name, the date of the photo, and any copyright information when ThumbNails is being used with the MySQL database.

    •  09 Jul 2002 16:17

      Release Notes: This release improves site layout and user navigation. It can create individual thumbnail HTML pages for one or all levels of picture directories. It provides control for forward/reverse sorting the main index, subdirectory image groups or links, and thumbnails on each HTML page. Navigating the hierarchy of thumbnail pages is made explicit by forward and backward links. Users can navigate through a group of images via "previous" and "next" links. It is completely compatible with picture directories and MySQL databases from previous versions.

      •  06 Feb 2002 16:39

        Release Notes: Size specifications were added to the IMG tags in the HTML for thumbnail pages, thus reducing the redrawing done in the browser. An additional configuration parameter was added to permit the user to specify reverse sorting of links on the main index page. A minor bug, which required the user to restart his Web browser to log in to the database after a failed login, was fixed.

        •  18 Aug 2001 01:39

          Release Notes: A new ability to use a MySQL database to store picture titles, captions, and other information, new CGI scripts which allow picture data to be edited via the Web, and automatic checking for changes in the database (incorporating them into the HTML pages it produces).

          •  26 Jul 2001 18:03

            Release Notes: The ability to specify directories to omit from the search path has been added. The speed of has been greatly increased. HTML templates and the CGI script have been rewritten to improve the appearance of HTML pages produced.

            Recent comments

            06 Aug 2001 09:20 anejr

            Call for Testers
            ThumbNails 2.0 is almost ready for release. It's completely compatible with ThumbNails
            1.0, but adds major features. Specifically, it is capable of using a MySQL database to
            hold names, captions, credits, dates, etc. for each picture in the ThumbNails system.
            This extra information can be added and edited over the web.

            I need a few brave souls to test the software. You need a linux box, running a
            webserver and MySQL. You need perl 5+, along with the CGI and DBI modules.

            If you're interested in testing this software, please email me at:



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