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Thot takes as input text in a wiki-like format and outputs results for different formats: HTML, Latex, DocBook, and PDF. Although delivered with only one input language (Dokuwiki format), Thot is very versatile and easy to extend. For example, the initial version allows you to embed a document description from different entities: source language, GraphViz DOT graphs, Latex math, etc.

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Request for participation 16 Nov 2013

Thot has started as an addon during my job: I can't put with Latex any more and Office-like software takes too much time to get what I expected.


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  •  16 Nov 2013 02:11

    Release Notes: GnuPlot integration. Many bugfixes for HTML and LaTeX output.

    •  20 Mar 2012 21:40

      Release Notes: Many bugfixes. Support for definition lists.

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      20 Mar 2012 20:30 casse

      New release 0.5 including a lot of bug fixes and add of Dokuwiki syntax for definition lists.


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