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Thirdphase automatically downloads, installs, backs up, and runs any software downloadable from a static URL, with a couple of other user-provided variables. It is useful for keeping nightly builds of software up-to-date.

Operating Systems

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  •  14 Dec 2009 10:26

    Release Notes: A new option was added to update all installation configurations.

    •  26 Jun 2007 14:50

    Release Notes: Allows the user to provide a list of products instead of only allowing one product per command: thirdphase -D camino webkit firefox. Allows the use of static URLs that use redirects with the Location: header to a non-static download. Something changed in Apple's DiskImage framework that does not allow a DMG's SLA to be bypassed. So for instance on all Mozilla DMGs, you have to agree to the SLA before mounting the image. There is a a bypass by editing the DMG's resource with Rez and DeRez but that is not preferable, and another solution is being worked on.

    •  07 Aug 2005 22:35

    Release Notes: The pre and post install scripts were broken and have been fixed.

    •  22 Jul 2005 05:26

    Release Notes: hdiutil's unmount command is no longer used to detach since it does not detach the mount point completely. Some comments were added. Mention of the -p option was added to the usage print out. The -e (edit config before executing) option was changed to -t. The -p (problematic ignore) option now acts correctly. installFUNCTION was removed from configs. Some "if" statements were changed to short circuit operators.

    •  31 Jan 2005 02:52

    Release Notes: This release adds -e and -q options: -e will allow you to edit the config file before it tries to update, and -q is a quiet mode that will suppress some output.


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