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  •  09 Jul 2008 17:40

Release Notes: This release includes several major new features. ThinLinc now supports systems such as Windows Server 2008, Mac OS X 10.5, RHEL 5.2, SLED 10SP2, and Ubuntu 8.04. Serial port redirection is now supported with the Windows client, and basic parallel port emulation has been added. The Windows client no longer requires a local PDF reader when printing. Smart Card authentication has been improved by allowing login using a username automatically derived from the Smart Card certificate. The login can be triggered automatically when the Smart Card is inserted.

  •  31 Jan 2008 09:56

Release Notes: This release includes several major new features. Smart Cards are now supported, both for authentication and applications. Integration with web portals is now possible. Basic application publishing features have been added. The new "Printer Access Control" feature makes it possible to restrict access to certain print queues based on the connecting terminal. Multiple concurrent sessions using a single user name are now possible. The session manager has been rewritten, using a new asynchronous framework. This gives radically improved scalability.

  •  01 Mar 2007 10:36

Release Notes: This version includes several new features and many corrections (more than 180 enhancements). Microphones and other input devices are supported with Windows Terminal Servers. The Windows client now features Local Drive Redirection, which makes it possible to access local hard disks, CD-ROMs, DVDs, USB drives, etc. from the server. This release includes software for integrating with the Novell Client for Linux. Several new client platforms are supported, such as Mac OS X, Windows Vista, Windows XP Embedded, and Wyse Linux Terminals.

  •  22 May 2006 08:43

Release Notes: This version includes several new features and many corrections: more than 150 enhancements. With the new SeamlessRDP feature, applications running on Windows Terminal Servers can now be resized, restacked, and moved, just as if they were native Linux applications. The sound support has been further enhanced, featuring sound support in the Windows client and the new Polypaudio sound architecture that allows virtually any Linux application to use sound. Compatibility with 64-bit Linux distributions has been improved. The Desktop Customizer now supports GNOME, in addition to KDE.

  •  24 Oct 2005 05:41

Release Notes: This version includes many corrections as well as several new features. In total, this release contains more than 160 enhancements. The Windows client can now verify antivirus status. The OpenGL support has been enhanced, and now supports a wider range of applications. A new tool, the ThinLinc Novell Configurator, makes integration of ThinLinc into an eDirectory environment very easy, allowing most configuration to be performed with a single click.

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