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Thinknowlogy is grammar-based software, designed to utilize the Natural Laws of Intelligence in grammar, in order to create intelligence through natural language in software. This is demonstrated by programming in natural language, reasoning in natural language and drawing conclusions (more detailed than scientific solutions), making assumptions (with self-adjusting level of uncertainty), asking questions (about gaps in the knowledge), and detecting conflicts in the knowledge. It builds semantics autonomously (with no vocabularies or words lists), detecting some cases of semantic ambiguity. It is multi-grammar, proving that Natural Laws of Intelligence are universal.

Operating Systems

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  •  07 Nov 2013 07:15

Release Notes: This release adds improved reasoning: more conclusions and more items in the justification reports.

  •  22 May 2013 23:56

Release Notes: This release adds multi-grammar reading and writing in English and Dutch.

  •  10 Oct 2012 22:59

Release Notes: This release adds detection of Semantics Ambiguity and improves Programming in Natural Language and Reasoning in Natural Language.

  •  06 May 2012 23:41

Release Notes: This release adds intelligent answering of "is" questions, providing alternative answers as well.

  •  14 Sep 2011 13:39

Release Notes: This release adds justification reports for self-generated knowledge and assumptions having a self-adjusting level of uncertainty.

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12 Apr 2009 07:48 steward Thumbs down

my mentor explained, certain languages use accent marks, in coptic, translation is changed. Using rosetta /four blocks to museum/ taught, actually means four knee knocks to museum.


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