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thinglaunch is a launcher program for X. You can bind it to a key in your favorite window manager, and when you want to start a program, just type its name. thinglaunch has a tiny footprint and depends only on Xlib.


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  •  20 Sep 2004 15:40

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01 May 2009 23:02 spiralofhope Thumbs up

I agree with _stam_. History and auto-complete are essential!

09 Oct 2004 04:08 Gatonegro Thumbs up

I agree
History would be useful and easy (I think) to implement.

BASH-like completition would be perhaps more difficult, but I'd like to see it implemented even more than history.

Honestly, if auto-completition gets implemented, I'm removing any bars/launchers/mouse menus/desktop icons I may have around.

Nothing is faster than keyboard.

20 Sep 2004 16:10 _stam_ Thumbs up

Very nice program - runs just in a moment. I realy like it. I'd like to see in it two things - history and auto-complete (console style). I think they already in todo list :)


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