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The Romalizer

The ROMalizer is a Tcl script that examines your .zip files for MAME ROMs and lets you know if you have any extra data in them. It can also report incorrect filenames, CRCs, etc.

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  •  23 Dec 2001 04:08

Release Notes: This version is an attempt to rewrite most of the logic from version 0.6. The status report work is done, but the actual fixing of ROMs still uses the 0.6 logic. Romalizer will therefore report errors with your ROM sets which it cannot fix with this version. Some fixes to enable use of the latest xmame version were added. A patch is required to make romalizer to work with momoko.

  •  30 Jan 2001 06:14

    Release Notes: This version has been updated to work with the latest versions of xmame/xmess.


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