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The Quipu OpenNLP API

The Quipu OpenNLP API is a preliminary collection of Java interfaces for standardizing how natural language processing components interact.

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Recent releases

  •  05 Dec 2001 16:45

    Release Notes: Lots of improvements were made in the way XML is handled. The structure of NLPDocuments has been changed, though no DTD or Schema has been defined for it yet. The NLPDocument now extends org.jdom.Document rather than holding a Document object inside it, and many methods have been added to make it easy to retrieve and manipulate various kinds of elements of the document.

    •  27 Nov 2001 11:13

      Release Notes: A bug in XmlUtils in which the replace() methods did not have the parent Element disown its children before setting a new List to be its Children was fixed. Unification was further changed. Two implementations of the Substitution interface, SimpleSubstitution and SelfCondensingSub, were added.

      •  21 Nov 2001 13:20

        Release Notes: XmlUtils has been resurrected and works with JDOM. The unification classes and methodology were restructured. OpenNLP common now inherits the PerlHelp and BasicEnglishAffixes classes from OpenNLP Maxent. OpenNLP was freed of the com.sun.xml dependency. Minor changes to several interfaces were added.

        •  16 Oct 2001 17:06

          Release Notes: The various interfaces were broken up and placed into separate packages which reflect their grouping. A number of the classes were redesigned to be less specific to categorial grammar. A new package, opennlp.common.hylo, was added for representing terms of hybrid logics. The SchemaBasedValidator was added to simplify validation of files against XML Schemas. OpenNLP now uses Ant to build. The directory structure has been changed considerably to facilitate the creation of the distribution files, and to ensure that source code and supporting libraries are always provided with the distribution.

          •  06 Jun 2000 12:59

            Release Notes: Initial release.


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