Version 4.0 Beta 5 of The Global File System

Release Notes: Further improvements were made to `memexpd'. A new manual STOMITH method called `meatware' has been added. There is now no reason to run GFS without a STOMITH method and it will be required in the future. `stomithd' now uses a device, instead of /proc to avoid a race condition. Initial ppc-linux support was added. Numerous other stability improvements have also been added to `gserv' and `gclient'. A number of file truncation bugs have been fixed. Preliminary, unstable code for exporting GFS filesystems via kernel-space NFS is included.

    Other releases

    •  08 Apr 2005 15:39

    Release Notes: Numerous minor bugfixes and code cleanups.

    •  26 Feb 2005 22:36

    Release Notes: This version has been ported to recent Linux kernels. There are many speedups, enhancements, and bugfixes.

    •  17 Jun 2001 20:41

    Release Notes: New kernel patches for Linux 2.4.5, a new hard_panic patch, a new STOMITH method (apc_ms), initialization script updates, and a slew of updates to the man pages. The following bugs have also been addressed: undefined rscsi_disks symbol, memexp kernel thread issue, memexpd performance degradation over time, problems with HIMEM systems, pool and passamble fixes, GNBD fixes, user-space LFS enhancements, and gfs_jadd improvements.

    •  22 May 2001 16:08

    Release Notes: Support for Linux 2.4.4, addition of Lock Value Blocks (LVBs) for performance enhancement, updated flock and fcntl support, a rewrite of the Pool tools for enhanced functionality, performance improvements when GFS is used as a local vs. cluster FS, a fix for an atime bug, improved df performance, and new STOMITH methods. There are incompatibilities in the GFS modules between 4.0.1 and 4.1; please read the Release Notes on how to upgrade.

    •  22 May 2001 16:06

    Release Notes: The following bugs have been fixed: change to the sorting method for directory code that caused stack problems on some architectures, the ability to mount mulitple GFS MemExp file systems, lockups on umount in rare situations have been eliminated, flock now performs correctly when under major contention loads, time stamp modifications on truncate() have been fixed, obscure bug that caused nodes to try and STOMITH themselves has been eliminated, and a reservation bug occasionally encountered when expanding a file system has been fixed.


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