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06 May 2006 09:49 mcoon

Good Product... Not Open Source
I know, the license says gpl, but...

The CORBA standard is a huge and useful universe of tools and functionality. All of which the ACE ORB (TAO) encompasses. And while there is online documentation and a list serve of users, the documentation is little more than a teaser and the support from the list serve is at best limited. In fact, many queries are directed to a commercial support site.

When you realize that the developers are also pushing you to buy their $250 USD manual in order to figure out how to operate their little gem in the real world, it becomes obvious this is nothing more than a thinly descised commercial product.

I thought long and hard about writing this review, but after using this product for more than a month, I have to say that I just can't recommend this product for inclusion in any products, GPL or commercial. The licensing for it is dishonest.

There are plenty of other CORBA platforms out there: Orbit, Mico, etc., use one instead. I've been a C++ advocate for years, and have been surprised that more free C++ implementations of CORBA haven't materialized. Unfortunately, while this one appears to have the proper credentials, don't be fooled. It's commercial documentation prerequisites make it effectively a $400 USD solution in documentation + additional costs in commercial support.


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