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Release Notes: The Crypt map is now accessible. A basic title screen has been added. Stability on Windows XP has been improved. Raising and lowering the volume now works correctly. The dependency on SDL_Net has been removed. Bombs grabbed by the Borer no longer play their sound effect endlessly. It adds a new medal to earn: "Completed the game with only 5 hit points".

Release Notes: The next part of the story was added. A problem with the robot on the third floor of the Library was fixed. A reset switch was added to the start of the Sewer. A slight problem with some of the conveyor belts in the Dungeon was fixed. Green Centipedes can be walked on again after loading a game. The game should work on 16-bit resolutions.

Release Notes: Edgar now animates when firing the bow. The next part of the story was added. The fish swimming out of the water was fixed. The game should now compile properly on Macs. Pre-built 64-bit binaries are now available.

Release Notes: The rest of the Library map was added. Health dropping now works correctly when the bow is equipped. Music and sound effects are halted when the game is paused. The Blob Boss should no longer get stuck when reforming. Switches that reset puzzle blocks were added; play the tutorial to see how they work. The boss music actually plays now. The inventory size was increased.


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