Version 0.98 of The Legend of Edgar

Release Notes: This release adds French, Czech, Simplified Chinese, and Russian translations, updates the Fortress Outskirts map, makes the data and save files architecture independent, fixes a problem with objects falling through pressure plates, fixes a crash when entering the Sewer after returning from the Wasteland, makes the Ant Lion in the Forbidden Swamp harder to simply walk past, and fixes a problem with Red Grubs getting stuck in some walls after bouncing off them. Attacking the Black Book's version of the Golem after it has been defeated no longer causes a crash.

Other releases

Release Notes: The Dutch, Japanese, Russian, and Ukrainian translations were updated. The slime timer above Edgar is now removed when changing maps or loading a game. Ice cubes can no longer bounce on springs forever.

  •  01 Jan 2014 21:16

Release Notes: Minor graphical improvements to the Sewer and Basement maps, a chain graphic around Chaos's neck, and a fix for a grammar problem when Edgar speaks after the cauldron explodes. Dutch, Persian, and Romanian translations were added and the German translation was updated.

  •  27 Oct 2013 22:38

Release Notes: Updates to the Brazilian Portuguese and German translations.

Release Notes: A sound effect was added for the lifts. All music is now in Ogg format. A problem with the moveable lift in the library was fixed. The time remaining when Edgar is a Slime now appears above Edgar. A minor problem with the dialogue when Edgar is talking to Evil Edgar was fixed. Grimlore's fists now take damage from projectiles.

  •  28 Jul 2013 00:17

Release Notes: Menu navigation now works correctly when using analog controls. This release fixes some music files which were failing to load on Windows.


Project Spotlight

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Project Spotlight


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