Version 0.32 of The Legend of Edgar

Release Notes: Errors in the translation handling were corrected. The inventory screen now shows the current Objectives and their completion status. The behavior of flying creatures hitting slopes was fixed. The countdown timer no longer flickers when trying to display other messages. Weapons no longer fall through lifts. A Polish translation was added. A problem was fixed with Map Triggers accumulating, which would eventually lead to a crash when changing maps. Starting a new game during a Gazer's flash no longer leaves the screen white. Blob Boss's punch can no longer get stuck in the scenery.

Other releases

Release Notes: The Dutch, Japanese, Russian, and Ukrainian translations were updated. The slime timer above Edgar is now removed when changing maps or loading a game. Ice cubes can no longer bounce on springs forever.

  •  01 Jan 2014 21:16

Release Notes: Minor graphical improvements to the Sewer and Basement maps, a chain graphic around Chaos's neck, and a fix for a grammar problem when Edgar speaks after the cauldron explodes. Dutch, Persian, and Romanian translations were added and the German translation was updated.

  •  27 Oct 2013 22:38

Release Notes: Updates to the Brazilian Portuguese and German translations.

Release Notes: A sound effect was added for the lifts. All music is now in Ogg format. A problem with the moveable lift in the library was fixed. The time remaining when Edgar is a Slime now appears above Edgar. A minor problem with the dialogue when Edgar is talking to Evil Edgar was fixed. Grimlore's fists now take damage from projectiles.

  •  28 Jul 2013 00:17

Release Notes: Menu navigation now works correctly when using analog controls. This release fixes some music files which were failing to load on Windows.


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