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  •  13 Aug 2011 08:29

    Release Notes: Tabs, the ability to show and change line endings between Windows, Unix, and Mac OS, and bugfixes.

    •  31 Oct 2010 08:59

      Release Notes: This version asks if you want to update if an external program touched the file you are working on. Windows opens a new editor when "File->Open" is used, but doesn't open a new editor if you are already in a new document. More refactoring and bugfixing were done. The user interface was made more intuitive. Auto-indenting was implemented. The ability to search and replace with regular expressions was added.

      •  14 Sep 2010 03:59

      Release Notes: The GTK+/Linux port was completed. A major find bug on Windows was fixed. Refactoring was undertaken to minimize code duplication.

      •  20 Aug 2010 05:48

        Release Notes: Only a single instance of the application can now be opened on Windows. Drag and drop can be used to open files. Folding fixes were made.

        •  11 Aug 2010 11:03

          Release Notes: Many new file types were added. Bugs were fixed. Popups for file restriction were improved. Indication of whether text is dirty is now shown. A wider margin is used for bigger files.

          •  20 Jun 2010 08:29

          Release Notes: Windows is now supported. SQL support was added. Folding was improved. The ability to fold all or unfold all was added. The editor cannot undo past the "open file" operation. More polishing was done.


          Project Spotlight


          A style and grammar checker for English, Polish, German, and other languages


          Project Spotlight


          A shell library intended for Unix sysadmins.