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01 Aug 2001 08:31 martinmv

Support for Czech (ISO Latin 2) enviroment
There ( are scripts and instructions for Czech (ISO Latin 2) enviroment - postscript printing, keyboard and fonts.

03 Sep 2000 19:54 drizztdourden

This is a very nice and easy to use program
I find this program easy to use and very flexible with
regards to import/export filters. It allows you to make a very flexible drawing with quick and easy integration into PDF files and documents in general...

definitely recommended.


18 Sep 1999 07:05 bakhtiar

Simple yet useful drawing tool.
I am very pleased with tgif. I knew this application since 1993. That time I used it to modify gnuplot graph output to be used in presentation. I also tried Xfig but lately I realised that tgif have better drawing capabilities and flexibility. With v4.1 I can use it as simple WYSIWYG word processor. It also can be used as simple slide show for presentation. Also with few addition in ~/.Xdefaults I can use Japanese characters. I would like to show to everybody the screenshot that I made when using tgif.
file size 293,086 bytes.

I used tgif to put Japanese texts and colored it individually. I also stretched a bit 'LINUX' strings to make it larger and page-width full. Then I print/export it to Postscript format for further printing and viewing. Background Mandelbrot Fractal Wallpaper is a produced using XaoS v3.0.

Thanks for making this wonderful program.

Mohammad Bahathir Hashim
Kuala Lumpur,


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