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  •  05 Nov 2013 02:41

Release Notes: This release adds many enhancements and bugfixes, including performance improvements for large test suites, particularly for Saving. The configuration tab now has a file management context menu similar to the Test tab. Jenkins integration is more reliable and informative. Various knownbugs enhancements have been added.

  •  24 Jan 2013 13:52

Release Notes: It is now possible to have separate locations for logs (shared disk) and sandbox (local disk). The dynamic GUI now shows previews of files that compared as equal. Improvements were made to the Jenkins plugin and integration with the StoryText editor for GUI testing.

  •  06 Oct 2012 10:00

Release Notes: This release added Jenkins integration in HTML reports, and direct linking to change and bugfix information. Alpha support was added for Condor. A third grid engine was provided in addition to GE and LSF (Condor works better on Windows). A new run_dependent_text syntax was provided for finding later matches in a file.

Release Notes: Many enhancements and bugfixes. Tests now run in parallel if run locally on a multi-core machine, known bugs handling is improved, and there is a new ability to split up long result files with many different changes present.

  •  21 Nov 2011 22:41

    Release Notes: This release includes a Windows installer. Search facilities have bee added to the HTML report. There are additional possibilities in run_dependent_text and in copying data files. There are six months worth of generally minor enhancements and bugfixes.

    •  26 Mar 2011 21:30

    Release Notes: The "Traffic interception mechanism" has split off into a new project called "CaptureMock"; some migration is needed for anyone using it. Otherwise, there are six months worth of generally minor enhancements and bug fixes across the board.

    •  30 Sep 2010 11:44

    Release Notes: Various enhancements and bugfixes were made. Notably, tests can be rerun from the dynamic GUI with different settings. Config file settings can now be varied per-test. A "known bug" that will trigger a rerun of the test up to a certain number of times can be run. This release requires Python 2.6 and PyGTK 2.16 or later.

    •  28 Jun 2010 13:35

    Release Notes: Various enhancements and bug fixes were made. GUI improvements were made with a focus on usability. Enhancements were made to the "known bugs" functionality. Sun Grid Engine is polled to make the status of tests in it more visible. Note this is the last release that will support Python 2.4 and 2.5: TextTest 3.20 will require Python 2.6 and probably GTK 2.18 as well.

    •  14 May 2010 15:12

    Release Notes: This release adds major improvements to the "traffic interception" mechanisms and their documentation, and an improvement to how tests are killed on Windows (the whole process tree is now removed).

    Release Notes: The HTML report now generates graphs of the results over time if you install the "matplotlib" library. The static GUI "Selection tab" is also available in the dynamic GUI, with some new options that are relevant there. The traffic interception mechanism can now intercept Python modules. You can now set a timeout after which tests will automatically be killed. You can now produce Junit-format reports for display by continuous integration servers like Hudson.


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    Project Spotlight


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