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05 Jun 2003 06:43 kbaucom

Re: Prior art :)
Well, that is a maze, and it is in text, but I'm afraid the similarity ends there :) TextMaze actually began life as C++ code, used to debug an OpenGL maze program. I found the text version a lot more interesting than the graphical version.

05 Jun 2003 06:25 kbaucom

Re: textmaze
I considered leaving in the old Term::Cap code so it would still work without curses, but a code cleanup is pretty pointless if you don't actually clean up the code :) Curses is a handy module to have around anyway. I'll think about adding a 'score', instead of just the raw number of moves.

03 Jun 2003 19:56 gesslein

TextMaze version 1.1 didn't work on my vanilla Unix system,
because it requires the curses library for Perl.
I love TextMaze version 1.0 because it will run on anything
with Perl version 5.
This is a well done program. It just needs to give the
user a score of how well they did, based on the minimum
number of moves to solve the maze.

02 Jun 2003 07:41 sludge

Prior art :)
On Usenet.


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