Comments for Tetrinet for Linux

03 Sep 2003 11:58 paskie

Extension patches
FYI, you can find patches adding various quite
useful features to the client at Right now,
there's multiple channels support there, support
for forwarding of unknown commands to the server
(this one being particularily useful, IMHO - almost
a bugfix for mistfeature ;) and finally tetrifast

16 Jul 2002 14:20 zcougar

IPv6 patch
You can find IPv6 patch for client at

IPv4/IPv6 server you can try:

15 Jan 2000 16:10 bongboy

key configuration?
Is there a way to configure which keys move and rotate the blocks? right now tetrinet is pretty much the only thing that keeps me using windows at all.

21 Mar 1999 08:53 joshuadoesntknow

tetrinet for linux
ehhh i dont really want to change my normal console to be that big.... and the X console... i cant get my F keys to work right so this program was pretty pointless
i want an X gui please!


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