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testmail is a Perl script that checks email availability at the POP3 server (including SSL), filters it according to the defined rules, and (depending on the selected method) gets the messages to the local mailbox and/or removes them from the server. It uses Perl Mail-POP3Client to establish POP3 connections, IO-Socket-SSL and Net-SSLeay modules for SSL connections, as well as MIME-tools module for decoding MIME encoded email fields.

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RSS Recent releases

  •  28 May 2011 20:42

Release Notes: This release adds a MIME decoding feature and includes a corrected analyse script and an improved prep script. Rejecting rules were improved. The home page address was changed.

  •  04 May 2010 15:10

    Release Notes: This release adds the possibility of sending notifications about accepted, rejected, got, and deleted email via SMS Gateway. Configuration files were changed. Rejecting rules was improved.

    •  05 May 2009 23:21

      Release Notes: Simplified code, updated documentation, and improvements to some rejecting rules.

      •  07 Nov 2005 06:14

      Release Notes: This release allows the user to use SSL and a specifically selected port (for example, for a Gmail mailbox). Testmail now uses Mail-POP3Client module instead of the libnet module. Configuration files were changed to add PORT, USESSL, AUTH_MODE, and DEBUG options. Some rejecting rules were improved.

      •  12 Mar 2005 13:26

      Release Notes: This release improves some rejecting rules, updates dnsbl and bl scripts, and corrects the documentation.


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