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Test-Run is an improved test harness for scripts that emit TAP (Test Anything Protocol). It was forked from Test::Harness, and it uses TAP::Parser. It is used to analyze the output of the scripts and present it to the user in a summarized form. Test-Run features separation of the test-running backend and the command line frontend, a "runprove" utility for running tests from the command line, a plugin-system, and colors for the summary line.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  06 Aug 2009 13:12

    Release Notes: The code was converted to use Moose, the post-modern Perl OOP system. The test coverage was increased. The use of old and deprecated was converted to the newer mro / MRO::Compat. Compatibility with older perls was improved, and some POD fixes were made. Resources and keywords were added to the META.yml.

    •  15 Feb 2009 20:53

      Release Notes: Test t/sample-tests/skipall was fixed. The name of the construction function changed from _initialize to _init. _register_obj_formatter() now accepts a hash ref instead of ($name, $format).

      •  04 Apr 2008 20:20

        Release Notes: The code was fully converted to a BSD-style-licence, and in the process heavily refactored. The Test::Run::Plugin::TrimDisplayedFilenames plugin has been added to remove components of extremely long paths. This release has full documentation coverage. Some API compatibility was broken.

        •  23 Feb 2008 17:36

          Release Notes: Heavy refactoring of the code was done. A lot of the legacy GPL+Artistic code was re-implemented as MIT licensed. The code was adapted to TAP-Parser-3.09, and it is now required. The Test::Run module was added as a front page for the module. Various small fixes were made.

          •  12 Jun 2007 07:53

            Release Notes: The code was cleaned up. A rewrite of the code under an MIT/X11 license was started.


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