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Terrastore is a modern document store which provides advanced scalability and elasticity features without sacrificing consistency.

Operating Systems

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Interview about Terrastore 0.5 new and noteworthy features 28 May 2010 14:40

The myNoSQL Magazine has released an interview with Sergio Bossa, Terrastore Lead Developer, about Terrastore 0.5 new and noteworthy features:

Recent releases

  •  12 Feb 2011 10:53

    Release Notes: This version while numbered as a minor release, provides a few important new features, such as range deletes, full-fledged JavaScript-based map/reduce, and fast merge updates.

    •  13 Dec 2010 15:24

      Release Notes: This is a major milestone, providing several new enhancements and features. Particularly, map/reduce processing, active listeners, documents and communication compression were added.

      •  23 Sep 2010 12:32

        Release Notes: This version provides performance and usability enhancements, bug fixes, and a new embedded server to use for unit testing.

        •  12 Sep 2010 16:16

          Release Notes: This release comes with some important new features such as Cross Origin Resource Sharing implementation and ReST cluster statistics, as well as important fixes and enhancements such as more scalable and reliable processing of requests.

          •  25 Jul 2010 15:04

            Release Notes: This release provides several enhancements, such as reduced memory footprint and improved range queries performance and scalability, as well as a few important new features such as reliable event processing and improved data processing capabilities.


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