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Version Stable 1.5.2 of Tera-WURFL

Release Notes: This release introduces an easy to use smart installation script that walks you through the installation to get you up and running in minutes. Also included is an XML Web service that allows you to query your database from any language that supports XML. The device matching system has also been re-written with performance and customization in mind.

Other releases

  •  19 Sep 2010 10:58

Release Notes: This version introduces a MongoDB database connector, better support for Microsoft SQL Server and higher performance in MySQL. Also in this version, there is a full-featured command line interface for administering your system from the shell or scripts.

  •  04 Mar 2010 00:45

Release Notes: This release brings more performance and better accuracy than the previous release by improving the UserAgentMatchers and SimpleDesktop Matching algorithms. It also adds support for Firefox Mobile and improves detection of Opera desktop Web browsers. There are a few new features, including a full-featured remote webservice with remote clients in PHP, Perl, Python, JavaScript, and ActionScript, a smarter installation page, and a form on the Web Administration Page which lets you submit incorrectly-detected user agents straight to the Tera-WURFL development team.

  •  10 Feb 2010 15:33

Release Notes: A SimpleDesktop Matching Engine was introduced, which increases detection speed for desktop browsers by 10 times compared to version 2.0.0, while reducing the cache size by caching all desktop user agents in a single cache entry. Capability Filtering was introduced, which allows you to increase performance and drastically cut the size of your database. Capability Filtering lets you decide which capabilities you want to use from the WURFL file and ignores the rest. A bug that was preventing Firefox from being detected properly in some situations was fixed.

  •  15 Nov 2009 13:44

Release Notes: The changes from version 2.0.0 RC5 include a MySQL4 database connector, an improved MySQL5 database connector, and various grammatical and spelling corrections.

  •  05 Nov 2009 22:08

Release Notes: This is a complete code rewrite from the 1.x series. It takes much of the functionality for 2.x from an early pre-release of the Java WURFL Evolution project. It is currently more stable than 1.x and considerably more accurate. The 2.x branch includes specific User Agent Matchers that apply specific detection methods to specific groups of devices (i.e. Samsung, Apple, Nokia, and Firefox).


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