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Templeet is a very powerful template engine which allows you to create photo galleries, news systems, personal sites, blogs, etc. You can use it to generate HTML, CSS, SVG pictures, SMIL, and any kinds of text files. It offers multiple levels of caches.


Recent releases

  •  04 Sep 2003 22:43

    Release Notes: Now included as packages: a wiki and two different Weblogs. Also added in the admin interface: a file manager, a text editor, a source viewer, and an upgrade page (download, configuration, and installation).

    •  03 Jun 2003 05:34

      Release Notes: A new filemanager, editor, and authentification system, acivation of the default cache, and much more were added. The program also auto-installs and auto-configures itself.

      •  07 Nov 2002 16:16

        Release Notes: An "auto-install" script, pgsql support, a gallery package, and many fixes were made.

        •  01 Oct 2002 15:03

          Release Notes: Multi-language support similar to apache/multiviews was added. Many bugfixes were made.

          •  18 Sep 2002 17:03

            No changes have been submitted for this release.

            Recent comments

            03 Jun 2003 02:08 plop

            Templeet sucks
            Templeet is one of the most bad project I ever used.

            It's very slow, the parsing time is very very important. Don't trust any of their benchmark, they compare apples and oranges when they are not totally stupid.

            The syntax is one the ugliest I ever saw, just look at . It's not human readable and if you wan't to use it, you NEED to write that sucky code. Some old users have totally stopped to use it, there's

            07 Nov 2002 11:30 penso

            Please feel free to send us feedbacks, we are always happy to receive wishes, ideas, etc.


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