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Java Telnet Daemon

The Java Telnet Daemon is an embeddable telnet daemon written in Java.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  16 Jan 2004 19:16

    Release Notes: The codebase and configuration were refactored. Support for multiple listeners, LINEMODE, and NVT Break was added, which included some API changes specifically regarding connection events. The build system and script were updated and the documentation rewritten from the scratch. This release might include some bugfixes from an old beta version.

    •  04 Nov 2000 20:33

      Release Notes: The Broken Connections hang in system and event handling defunct have been fixed. Please note that Shell implementations have to be changed to take the extended ConnectionListener interface into account. The extension happened for the event type CONNECTION_BROKEN: public void connectionBroken(ConnectionEvent ce); now the event system should be functional. The most important change is the fact that a BSD-style licensing option exists now.

      •  14 Oct 2000 22:24

        Release Notes: Initial freshmeat announcement; fixes for a Terminal type negotiation bug and an Editfield/area Delete bug, enhanced Terminal Management, shutdown via TelnetD singleton, IP level connection filter facility, and source code and documentation cleanups.

        Recent comments

        20 Aug 2010 19:14 rxantos

        If the project is LGPL, why include the BSD tag? Does that mean that it can be used under either license?


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