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23 Jun 2004 05:22 nam1000

Ted and GTK2
I've always thought that Ted was quite a good

wordprocessor: it is fast and its handling of the RTF

format is almost perfect. However, many users (rightly)

complain that Ted, which is Motif-based, looks odd on a

modern desktop. There are good news for them: as of

version 2.16, you can successfully compile Ted with

GTK2. It looks much better now!

25 Feb 2002 08:52 martinmv

Ted on glibc 2.2.4 (RedHat 7.2)
The program Ted is linked statically. Glibc 2.2.4 have new locales format.There is ( package with old locales.

01 Aug 2001 08:11 martinmv

printing ISO Latin2 characters

There are scripts for printing ISO Latin 2 characters (derived from ogonkify) and for correctly set "codepage" command in some rtf files.

14 May 2001 10:03 erw

Re: "X Windows"? Oh please..
Oh ,come on, is that really so important?

This (at first glance) is a really good piece of software!

I just got and installed Ted because a collegue of mine had this 24MB-RTF file that crashed her Word for Windows.

It also crashed Star Office, maxwell and Hancom Word.

But it displayd most beautifully with Ted, with all the horrible graphics & tables etc. And rather fast, too!

I must say, I am very impressed. Thank you for this remarkable work. I really look forward to explore Ted further. :-))

26 Jan 2001 05:35 sn

"X Windows"? Oh please..
from man X(1):

The X Consortium requests that the following names be used
when referring to this software:

X Window System
X Version 11
X Window System, Version 11

X Window System is a trademark of X Consortium, Inc.


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