Version 0.3.5 of teapop

Release Notes: Code cleanup and smaller bugfixes.

Other releases

  •  28 Nov 2003 03:06

Release Notes: This version features better CRLF handling in Maildir, reduces the memory footprint, and adds a new softlock feature.

  •  22 Jul 2003 14:39

Release Notes: An error in the configure script that caused builds to fail under certain circumstances has been fixed.

  •  21 Jul 2003 15:30

Release Notes: Support for expiring messages based on age, better cleanup of the MySQL connection, improved handling of NULL in messages, native cleanup of userdata for SQL authentication, and more minor changes plus -Wall cleanups.

  •  20 Aug 2002 21:12

Release Notes: Code cleanup and smaller bugfixes.

  •  11 Apr 2002 17:45

Release Notes: Several new features (such as Java support and OpenLDAP authentication), improved support for Mac OS X and running Teapop as a non-privileged user, a fix for ignoring UW-IMAP's control message, completely ignoring SIGPIPE in update state, and many more new features and bugfixes.


Project Spotlight


A tool for editing version control repository history.


Project Spotlight


QtitanDataGrid is a grid for business application in Qt.