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Teamwork is a Web-based groupware for project management. It supplies groupware, issue tracking, cost control, and document and project management features with fine-grained security in a friendly interface. Agile methodologies such SCRUM are supported. Teamwork is easy to integrate with your IT infrastructure. Supports multiple databases (via hibernate), browsers, and languages.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  16 Jun 2011 11:05

    Release Notes: This is a major free update, with multiple incoming email automatic handling, better ICal integration, and more. The core Web app has been greatly updated. The Teamwork Mobile module is now available for purchase. This custom-made mobile module allows you to access Teamwork using mobile devices like iPhones, Android, and Blackberries to read all your Teamwork data online and also to update some of its contents. The mobile module is an additional module that can be purchased and activated any time.

    •  03 Feb 2011 11:15

      Release Notes: This is a minor release that includes some important bugfixes and improvements. The most important improvement is related to the operator load and the plan, which are now more integrated. This release also includes new mobile support to easily insert issues on your active tasks.

      •  25 Jun 2010 12:48

        Release Notes: This is a minor release which includes some important bugfixes. The most important is for Oracle installations: Release 4.5.17800 had a schema name bug which made it impossible to install it on Oracle.

        •  22 Jun 2010 13:41

          Release Notes: This is a major release which includes feture updates such as customizable issue statuses, issue organizer "kanban" like, a more usable page for dashboard customization, and smarter operator load and planning. The release also includes some bugfixes and a list of minor enhancements.

          •  13 Apr 2010 11:05

            Release Notes: This is a minor release which includes some changes in memory usage that make Teamwork faster and lighter. Some bugs were also fixed.

            Recent comments

            22 Dec 2008 11:01 robicch

            Teamwork 3 final (release 3.2.9 build 7187)
            Today (December 18, 2008) we released Teamwork 3 final (release 3.2.9 build 7187). It contains an extension of the internationalization coverage, in which we were helped by a German customer company (thanks!).

            You can download the release here:

            Teamwork 4 is now in beta; we will post extended coverage of the new features in the forthcoming weeks; we will also begin a series of webcasts, in the first one we'll take a look at some 4 beta features. Version 4 will be released for production at the end of next month (January); of course anybody who get Teamwork 3 now will get a free upgrade to version 4.

            If you are interested in accessing beta release please contact us at

            You can post as usual feature requests on our uservoice service, and also themes to be discussed in the webcasts; if you want to get access to the beta version, just contact us.

            20 Mar 2008 01:25 robicch

            Teamwork 3.2.4 generally available
            WHAT'S NEW

            Scrum and re-scheduling

            A smart Scrum team leader that is using Teamwork pointed us a practical point: suppose that you are a developer and are assigned a set of issues, on which you do your development and record development time spent. You did with the team the initial evaluation of needed development time, and suppose for a particular issue you decided to put 10 hours.
            Now you recorded time elapsed, but as happens all the time in life, you have to reschedule some of the issues. Now the users remarked that it is quite cumbersome to reason on the base of estimated duration - worklog done, because all you are actually focused on is time remaining.

            So, here is the change: by clicking on worklog done, a time remaining panel appears, and its editable right there.

            This little practical change, can make a difference; think when you have planned 34 hours, and have done 27:30, how many to go, will it suffice.. I don't want spend time on that.

            Generating assignments on sprint

            Generating assignments on sprint: actually the sprint wizard always automatically creates the assignments on the sprint, if using the correct roles on the root project. But when we were in Outscore, we generalized the "scrum team and lead role name" so that the wizard would copy from the root to the Sprint all the assignments, but we left behind the copying of the team assignments. This is fixed in the included update.

            Little features

            Upgrade issue to task now copies also documents.

            Bugs fixed

            - Fixed bug on Ajax of issue editor on change task saved immediately without save.

            - Fixed bug on role deletion on Tomcat

            - Fixed bug on board delete

            - Fixed bug on history with script tags, and on content viewer

            - Better currency feedback.

            - Fixed bug on task by date comparator when nodes not fully initialized.

            - Fixed bug on submenu with '

            - Fix of bug on issue search - failed on multiple fields selection

            - Fixed bug on Job save: must commit otherwise reread in Scheduler goes MAD.

            - Fixed bug on worklog deletion from analysis.

            - Fixed bug on sorting assigns by estimated worklog when no descendants

            - Yet another fix on area tight classification

            - Time counter relative time is outdated

            - Fixed compilation of import runner.

            27 Jan 2008 22:14 menonone

            free v.s pay version
            what feature free version does not have?

            27 Jun 2007 08:37 robicch

            Teamwork 3.2.0 released
            A new Teamwork release is out: 3.2.0.

            This release is a major one as it contains several new sections, most notably for users Outlook/ICalendar synchronization and RSS integration,

            injectable wizards/print/forms and additional task fields for developers/integrators.

            New sections, features, bugs fixed and a developers' dedicated section can be found at
            in the "What's new in Teamwork 3.2.0" PDF.
            Most instructional video have been updated, and some new added: see (

            The install guide PDF has been quite extended, and Teamwork's blog
   contains new posts.

            27 Mar 2007 06:44 robicch

            Teamwork wins the 2007 Jolt Productivity Award
            We got the 2007 Jolt Productivity Award for the Project Management category!!!

            The Jolt winners were announced at SD West (, in Santa Clara (CA), and we were there: it was a nice evening, the prizes were presented by Craig Newmark of Craigslist (

            It is the first time that an Italian software product gets a Jolt. For Teamwork, it is a recognition of the quality of the work done, which will stimulate us in producing still better releases.

            See all the winners:



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