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Access Rights Management Available

TeamLab has launched a feature set on the access rights management in the Project Management and Documents modules.

The feature update in the Project module allows users, who have set their projects as private, to acquire additional privileges: not only to keep the projects available only for the invited participants, but also to set the visibility level and adjust access rights for each particular section namely milestones, tasks, files and discussions.

In the Documents module users get a possibility to allocate permissions to the documents they created to a separate team member or a group selecting from three modes: full access, deny access and read only. Portal administrators are now entitled to control access settings in shared documents as well.

Currently this function set is free, but in July 2011 TeamLab is shifting to a freemium model with the access rights management options ceasing to be unpaid. This pricing model enables to stay loyal to the customers leaving all the previously launched options and 90% of the coming functions free.


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