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Version alpha of TDFSB

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  •  22 Jun 2007 06:25

Release Notes: This release works with freeglut and gives tdfsb a centered view on startup.

  •  22 Aug 2004 12:41

Release Notes: Support for mouse wheels has been added. Users may now launch an xterm from the current path. Executing a custom command with the current path or a selected file as an argument is also possible.

  •  18 Apr 2002 08:27

Release Notes: The TDFSB is now able to play MP3 and MPEG1 video files using the SMPEG library. Several bugs have been fixed, and some improvements have been made.

  •  09 Apr 2002 05:04

Release Notes: SDL is now used for window and event management, and SDL_image is now used for image loading. A shell script has been included for easier installation. BeOS and FreeBSD support was added (the tarball contains a binary for BeOS).

  •  08 Jan 2002 03:50

Release Notes: Cursor key and mouse handling were improved, and you can now move multiple directions at once.


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