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tdbengine Control Center

tdbengine Control Center is a Web-based front end to tdbengine. Data manipulation, modeling, indexing, searching, exporting, etc. will be included.

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  •  15 Apr 2004 07:42

Release Notes: Browsing the data of a table has been made more comfortable through the clickable column headers, which allow resorting the selection result in either ascending or descending order. Some smaller changes that make working with tdbcc more comfortable were made, too. A bug on record saving was fixed. This bug duplicated the content of memo fields and misconverted it. The code was cleaned a bit.

  •  25 Mar 2004 08:55

Release Notes: This release's focus mainly lays on the index handling of tdbcc. The automated creation and correction of the two system indexes, ID and INR, has been improved especially. It is now possible to remove manually created indexes. The disk browsing now uses absolute paths, so any place on disk can be reached. Table creation now can be achieved by simply uploading a definition file.

  •  18 Mar 2004 08:40

Release Notes: This release especially improves the "data definition" part of tdbengine Control Center. It is now possible to create new tables and easily modify existing ones. The table defintion now can be downloaded as a text file. A new list in the table summary displays all indexes used by the table. One can create new ones or change and drop existing ones here. When changes affect fields that are referenced by an index, this index is also changed automatically. Some minor improvements and bugfixes were made to the other parts of tdbcc.

  •  14 Mar 2004 03:17

Release Notes: This version is capable of manipulating a table's structure. A new simple export function which outputs tab-separated data has been implemented. The look and feel was improved.

Release Notes: Basic features as file browsing, data selection, and record changing are included.


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