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TDA (Thread Dump Analyzer) is a small Swing GUI for analyzing thread dumps generated by the Sun Java VM. It has been tested with 1.4.2_x, 1.5.0_x, and 1.6.0_x releases. It provides statistics, gives information about locked monitors and waiting threads, can diff between threads to look for similarities, and has "long running thread" detection.

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Recent releases

  •  07 Oct 2008 17:54

    Release Notes: The tool now is available as a VisualVM plugin. It skips broken thread dumps. Custom thread categories. A new welcome screen. Small adjustments to support SAP JVM dumps. Small adjustments to support HP JVM dumps. Icons of monitors with high contention now have a red background. Multiple selection of threads. Stack line count is now also set in long running thread result. Reads heap information from Sun JDK 1.6 dumps and displays them. Thread dumps or log files can be pasted from the clipboard. Extended help (now uses javahelp). General bugfixes.

    •  21 Jan 2008 15:37

      Release Notes: A new filter rule was added: "stack line count greater as". Clipboard operation was added in logfile view. Monitor View was enhanced by adding "expand all nodes" and "sort by thread count" to the popup. View operations were added for the root tree. Drag and drop was added for new files to open. Threads are now displayed in a table, and the thread IDs and native IDs are transferred from hexadecimal to decimal. Date parsing for Sun JDK 1.6 time stamps was added as default regex. Long running thread detection was fixed and reworked. Help overview was extended. A lot of bugs were fixed.

      •  06 Nov 2007 11:48

        Release Notes: Support for running as a jconsole plugin was added. The ability to request thread dumps via JMX if running as a jconsole plugin was also added. JMX Dumps can be saved into a log file for later offline usage. Sessions now can be stored to disk (and loaded again). The help overview was extended and a major code cleanup was undertaken. The memory footprint was improved. A splash-screen was added (JDK 1.6 only). Several small bugs were fixed.

        •  26 Oct 2007 17:39

          Release Notes: The log file containing the dumps can now be viewed as a whole (loaded up to a specified size). Thread Dump navigation has been added to jump into the log file. The Deadlock analysis was been improved, and additional hints concerning deadlocks found be JVM. A toolbar has been added (it can be switched off). GTK display for recent JDKs has been improved. Several bugs have been fixed.

          •  05 Jun 2007 17:37

            Release Notes: The dump navigation has been improved. Context-sensitive information about dumps (hints about possible hot spots) has been added. Jstack parsing support has been added. Monitor display has been refactored (threads now are only displayed once). Some bugs were fixed.


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