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21 Sep 2001 13:48 zoulasc

Re: unreachable
Unfortunately the location where tcsh is hosted, is very closed to the WTC, so we've lost all connectivity.

Please use:

until we resolve the issue.


21 Jan 1999 08:27 hychan

tcsh vs bash
Sorry for reply so late. I point out the pain on using diff shell on
interactive and programming shell script coz I saw the first comment on tcsh. I have using tcsh for a long time and admit that it really a very GOOD shell. But I really feel tired to remeber the C Shell syntax when I edit .login or .tcshrc. runing bash/ksh on fly is also not a good solution. The function in bash is already enought to me and I prefer to use the memory in my mind to store another stuff.
But, anyway, that only my own opinion. If you really like tcsh very much, just threat what I said as rubbish. NO FLAME :-)

P.S. I would like to see that the discription of tcsh mention that T really mean TENEX in tcsh (man tcsh for detail). Coz I heard some one talk about TUBRO C SHELL, really make me sick


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