Version 8.6b2 of Tcl/Tk

Release Notes: PNG format support in photo images. IPv6 networking support. Mac OS X: Tk is now built on Cocoa. New OO commands: [info ... call], [self call], and [nextto]. The command [$notebook config -tabposition] is enhanced. Default handling of <MouseWheel> events has been revised. New interfaces for NRE support by extensions.

Other releases

  •  18 Mar 2014 01:14

Release Notes: This implementation enables collection of new commands (coroutine, tailcall, yield, and yieldto) that provide profound new capabilities and models of concurrency to Tcl scripts. Highlights of Tk, built-in PNG image support: photo images now support read/write in the PNG format, with the ability to set the alpha channel.

Release Notes: This release adds new commands [lmap] and [dict map], adds new [load] options -global and -lazy, fixes crashes related to attempts to write to a variable in  a namespace which does not exist, fixes paths returned from [tk_getOpenFile -multiple] on Windows, corrects decoding of base64 with trailing whitespace, updates the included packages to current versions, and removes legacy Carbon sources.

  •  20 Nov 2012 22:21

Release Notes: New command: [yieldto]. A new OO builtin class: [oo::Slot]. A new OO standard method: <cloned> (extends [oo::copy]. A new subcommand: [string is entier]. Redefined color names to match Web colors. Bundled distribution of SQLite 3 3.7.14. Updates to Unicode 6.2 support. Several bugfixes. Mac OS X versions before 10.4 (Tiger) are no longer supported.

  •  20 Nov 2012 22:21

Release Notes: --enable-aqua build for Mac OS X is now a Cocoa implementation. Support has been added for Cygwin network pathnames. Updated to Unicode 6.2 support. Fixes for several crashes and bugs.

  •  09 Nov 2011 16:01

Release Notes: This release adds the new option [tk_getSaveFile -confirmoverwrite], fixes a rash regression in Ttk unset traces, revises the expr parser to permit function names like "nano()" instead of parsing as "nan o()" with a missing operator, fixes a crash regression in Tcl_ConvertElement(), adds new version 2.7.7 of the http package, improves performance when converting to "pixels", restores resizing of file dialogs on Windows, stops memory leaks in [info script], Tcl_Get*(), and Tcl_Obj cycles, stops a segfault when calling hypot(.) with MSVC, stops a panic in [interp limit], and fixes bad mode values returned by [file stat].


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