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TCC (Tiny C Compiler) is small, fast, unlimited, and safe. You can compile and execute C code everywhere (e.g., on rescue disks). It generates optimized x86 code, and can compile, assemble, and link several times faster than 'gcc -O0'. Any C dynamic library can be used directly. It includes an optional memory and bounds checker, and bounds-checked code can be mixed freely with standard code. C script is also supported--just add '#!/usr/bin/tcc' at the first line of your C source, and execute it directly from the command line.

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Recent releases

  •  14 Jul 2008 13:59

    No changes have been submitted for this release.

    •  06 Aug 2005 20:24

      No changes have been submitted for this release.

      •  03 Dec 2003 22:05

        Release Notes: A '-w' option and '.gnu.linkonce' ELF section support have been added. libc linking when running in memory has been fixed (avoids 'stat' function errors). The '-run' option has been extended to be able to give several arguments to a C script.

        •  24 May 2003 20:44

          Release Notes: The license was changed to the LGPL.

          •  16 May 2003 12:41

            Release Notes: This release adds a header fix (in time.h), a fix for inline asm without an operand case, a fix for "default:" or "case x:" with "}" after it (an incorrect C construct accepted by gcc), and an "A" inline asm constraint.

            Recent comments

            31 Oct 2002 09:48 nigelhorne

            Initial comments
            The idea behing this is very sound, but the bounds checker didn't seem to dump any useful info. Even with the "-g" option which apparently is implied by the "-b" option there is no info for gdb to use in a stack trace to find out where the program's crashed. But please keep up the project - as I said the idea is good.


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