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Release Notes: Besides the usual bug fixes, this release features lots of performance improvements in the parser and report generator.

  •  11 Sep 2010 01:15

Release Notes: The built-in Web server can now serve reports with dynamic content. This is the first step to having interactive Web reports.

Release Notes: This release features a built-in Web server and a much improved file parser. On average projects, you should see at least a 50% reduction of your file parsing time. Several other new features were added. Many bugs have been fixed.

  •  19 Apr 2010 02:22

Release Notes: This release adds a new time sheet and status reporting framework. Project contributors can report hours and status via email, and this information can be compiled into various management reports and dashboards. This release also includes numerous bugfixes and other improvements.

  •  02 Feb 2010 12:38

Release Notes: TaskJuggler III is the next generation of TaskJuggler. It's a rewrite from scratch but the syntax is largely compatible with previous versions. This is an unstable release to gather feedback from users regarding the new syntax features and other new concepts. All current TaskJuggler 2.x users are encouraged to try this version to plan their migration now.

  •  15 Jul 2009 12:13

Release Notes: This is mostly a bugfix release. Some errors in the scheduler have been fixed, so all users are recommended to upgrade immediately. This release also introduces a new configure option to build without KDEPIM3 to work on distributions that only ship KDE3 core libraries.

  •  17 Jun 2009 16:47

    Release Notes: This is the second and probably final beta release. All reported beta1 bugs have been fixed.

    •  21 May 2009 12:49

    Release Notes: This release contains lots of bugfixes and a few new features that were requested or contributed by users.

    •  13 May 2008 03:47

    Release Notes: Almost all known issues were addressed. The improvements range from fixes for major scheduling bugs to compilation fixes for Solaris. All users are strongly encouraged to upgrade to this stable version.

    •  26 Feb 2008 00:09

      Release Notes: All reported problems were fixed.


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