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Tao is a software package for sound synthesis using physical models. It provides a virtual acoustic material constructed from masses and springs, which can be used as the basis for building quite complex virtual musical instruments. It comes with a synthesis language for creating and playing instruments and a C++ API for those who would like to use it as an object library.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  11 May 2006 10:59

    Release Notes: Instrument calculations were optimized slightly. The documentation was expanded and the configure script was tidied up.

    •  31 Aug 2005 21:37

      Release Notes: The configure script has been updated; it should build on all Macs running OS X, not just those that have X11 or Fink installed.

      •  29 Aug 2005 19:53

        Release Notes: This release updates the configure script so it will compile on OS X and on Cygwin without having to hand edit the tao script.

        •  24 Feb 2005 03:46

          Release Notes: This release was updated to compile on more recent systems. It now includes instructions on how to get it to work under Cygwin on Windows.


          Project Spotlight


          A Fluent OpenStack client API for Java.


          Project Spotlight

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          A TWiki appliance that is easy to use and lightweight.