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Tallyman is an electronic commerce storefront management system. It's designed to make the day-to-day management of an e-commerce site easy by giving the manager a point-and-click browser-based interface to add, edit, rearrange, and remove items from their site. Despite the easy UI, it's extremely customizable. Tallyman also handles online transactions, with secure order capture and tax and shipping calculation.


Recent releases

  •  16 Jun 2000 23:12

    Release Notes: Support for PostgreSQL 7, fixes for a "ping" bug when Web server started before DB server, Shipping Editor's 'Display "call for quote" only' button, non-integer "weight" fields causing UPS shipping calculations to fail, and problems with REGEN::set_output_location(), updates of UPS zone shipping file to 2000 data, shopping basket no longer allows purchases to be made with expired credit cards, use of the TALLYMAN_URL in instead of the TALLYMAN_SECURE_URL to generate order links (avoids a silly warning message in Netscape when using the "Return to Shopping" button), and the shopping cart defaults to quantity of 1 if invalid data is entered into quantity field, instead of 0, which formerly removed the item from the shopping cart altogether.

    •  03 Mar 2000 01:52

      Release Notes: This is the first full, public release. Fixes include a typo in stores/default/templates/b/product.epl which prevented product pages from being created during regen, a fix for the bug where changes made to items/pages/groups via the "Edit" button in the Layout Manager caused the database to rollback the last transaction made before the httpd died, and a bug where (the upgrade script) didn't create the "Partial regen types" KNAR entry, nor several of the permission types for using the Layout Editor.

      •  11 Feb 2000 01:31

        Release Notes: Several important bugs were squashed. Major improvements were made to the site layout editor. It now features selective regen which allows only changed pages to be regenerated. An internationalization project underway.

        •  04 Jan 2000 18:07

          Release Notes: First public release.


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