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Release Notes: Graphical notes are supported in job designer. Sybase and Oracle bulk loading was added for Perl generation. Sybase, PostgreSQL, and Oracle were added for Java generation. PostgreSQL and MySQL bulk loading was added for Java generation. LDIF support was added for Java generation. Aggregation was added for Java generation. The ability to run other jobs was added for Java generation.

Release Notes: This release has Java code generation in addition to Perl code generation. Context can be shared through a metadata repository. An RPC Web service component was added.

Release Notes: Transaction size in database output components is now configurable. A wizard graphical interface for the row generator component was added. A file boolean comparison component was added. User-defined component creation was simplified through an external configurable component directory. First and last operators were added to the aggregate component. The ability to fetch a file through HTTP was added. The ability to use DBMS-specific functions was added. A graphical SQL query designer was added.

Release Notes: A Perl help document was added. A job statistics catcher component was added. The ability to update or delete lines in a database table was added. The ability to export a job as a Perl script in a zip archive was added.

Release Notes: An XML reader was added along with a configuration wizard. A component to use the efficient MySQL 'load from file' command was added. The ability to add user routine files was added. Many bugs were fixed.

Release Notes: The ability to randomly extract lines from a delimited file was added. The ability to write Microsoft Excel file format was added. A query Execution Explain Plan for DB2 and Oracle was added. Case insensitivity on row uniqueness was added as an option. A Perl function to get a random date was added. Many blocking bugs were fixed.

Release Notes: An SQL query building tool was added. A crontab lines generator to schedule job execution was added. LDIF file format support was added. A POP3 connector was added. An email field extractor was added. A positional text output component was added. The XML output component was improved. A sort component was added. An aggregate component was added. A row uniquifier component was added. Inner join in mapper component was added. Several keyboard shortcuts were added. A new set of icons was added. A Perl syntax checker was added. The embedded EPIC editor was upgraded to release 0.4.0.


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A modern, portable, and lightweight Internet Relay Chat (IRC) daemon.


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A falling blocks game with many different geometries.