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TagEventor is a project to enable radically simple computer usage by creating physical-object-based user interfaces. It does this using commercially available (and relatively cheap), standardized RFID technology in the form of small, simple USB connected contacted card/tag readers and small, cheap tags. The project was started based on products available from the "touchatag" company, which has clients for Windows and Mac, and run their own Web service to enable many interesting Web-based applications. However, no simple, lightweight Linux client was available, and the Web focus meant that some client-focused functionality was not possible. The software is currently a daemon that monitors the presence of one or more RFID tags on a connected reader and generates "system events" when tags are placed on it or removed from it.

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15 Jun 2009 23:21 andrew_d_mackenzie Thumbs up

One example use is for a user to simply wave a card/key-fob (with a chep nfc tag) at the reader and have the PC start a browser to read the users e-mail account.

Wave another tag and have it sign-off and close the browser.


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