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tagAR is an augmented reality tagging application developed for the Android operating system It allows you to tag locations in real time, and see tags posted by other users. It app encourages social networking between users from all walks of life, who can tag their favorite locations and post comments about the location. Anyone near that tag can see it on their mobile device.

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Last announcement

We would like to announce the launching of our new website 27 Jul 2012 15:30

I would like to officially announce the brand new website for tagAR. Follow it for getting the latest updates about tagAR.

Recent releases

  •  22 Nov 2012 18:02

    Release Notes: A major bug was discovered and fixed. The app no longer downloads and uploads the images by default; the user can enable this feature in the Settings Page. Some changes have been made to the server code as well to reflect the change, and backward compatibility has been provided to allow the apps of older versions to function properly.

    •  18 Aug 2012 14:22

      Release Notes: This release adds the ability to post pictures of the location being tagged and view them later when the tag is selected, improves the tagging feature by making it easier for the user to tag a location, stores the accuracy of the tag in the database and shows it in the description of the tag, and adds a new Menu Screen with graphical icons.

      •  02 Aug 2012 17:19

        Release Notes: This release adds a “Remember My Login Details” feature which allows you to save your login details so you do not have to enter them again and again. The details will be automatically entered when you start the app the next time after selecting the email address to use.

        •  25 Jul 2012 12:07

          Release Notes: A major bug related to the GPS and Wireless Network Provider has been fixed. The tags are now being shown side by side to each other rather than overlapping each other. The touching (selecting) of tags is more robust, where only those tags that are being shown on the screen will be selected. Some more information has been added to the About screen.


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