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Tac is a pure Tcl version of AOL Instant Messenger (AIM). The Tac client began its life as a small add-on program distributed with TiK, the Tcl/Tk client. Tac has only a few of the features found in native Windows and Macintosh clients. It is easy for users to add features to Tac using Tcl. Tac is meant to give users with only console access the ability to use AOL Instant Messenger.


Recent releases

  •  26 Jul 2001 07:07

    Release Notes: This release includes a bugfix in the away package, a mobile phone package, an /awayfile and a:f commanad to set the away message to the contents of a file, and some bugfixes in the shell escape function.

    •  26 Jul 2001 06:57

      Release Notes: This release includes the ability to change your password, the ability to format the nickname, temporary femoval of the pager, and a few assorted bugfixes.

      •  01 Aug 1999 04:57

        Release Notes: Small bugfix with /back Rudimentary pager: try the /h command now! Beginning of permit/deny support. This currently doesn't work.

        •  25 May 1999 21:00

          Release Notes: New error codes for directory lookup errors, rudimentary directory lookup features in progress, defchat package now uses package letter 'h', away messages use toc_set_away function, so that the 'available' flag on the server will be set.

          •  10 May 1999 12:38

            Release Notes: Minor changes, SSL support was removed from sflap.tcl, and Tac now uses the util.tcl file found in TiK 0.69 and later.


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