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t-prot (TOFU Protection) is a filter which improves the readability of email messages and Usenet posts by hiding some of their annoying parts. The annoyances it handles include mailing list footers, signatures, TOFU, sequences of blank lines, and repeated punctuation. TOFU is an acronym that stands for "Text oben, Fullquote unten", a German reference to the practice of adding just a few lines of original text and quoting a complete message below them.


RSS Recent releases

  •  31 Oct 2010 15:33

Release Notes: Two bugs have been fixed that prevented t-prot from detecting mutt's PGP output and message blocks.

Release Notes: TOFU produced by Lotus Domino Webserver is now detected.

Release Notes: A new option --fixind has been introduced to fix broken quotes as found in RFC 3676. Several bugs in the code and documentation have been fixed.

Release Notes: Some code has been cleaned up and the man page has been polished.

  •  12 Mar 2010 12:57

Release Notes: Some small documentation fixes have been applied.


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